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Our mission is to promote a State of Optimum Health on the physical, emotional and mental planes, for your puppy or kitten, and the adult pet he/she will become. Achieving a healthy state is not the same a fighting disease. It is the prevention of disease, whenever possible. My patients need me most at two times during their lives: when they are young and when they are old. Do well for them at these critical times of their life and they don't need very much help during that long period in-between. The important principals of care when they are young are to teach the owner the importance of nutrition and to avoid over-vaccination. The key to care when they are aging is to have many skills to offer that are not "cortisone shots" or surgery, such as homeopathy and spinal manipulation.

Physical health is nurtured by utilizing the most nutritious food, nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies where needed, to maintain a state of balance. Spinal manipulation and infrasound therapy are often to resolve blockages of energy flow that precede the development of physical deterioration.

One of my many goals is to get the pet owner involved. I hope to be able to teach you how to observe your pet in health and during illness, to be "my eyes" when your pet is in its home environment. We will talk about what you observe, and create a health program that you feel comfortable putting into action.

Emotional health is promoted by recognizing, in dogs, the dynamics of the pack mentality that your dog views the world through, and using Leadership Training Techniques to create the proper "place" for your dog within your pack (i.e. family). The goal here is to create interactions between pet and owner that leave the dog feeling that he/she is part of a pack with strong leaders, and will be well taken care of whatever situation arises. In cats, the principal of territorial establishment/maintenance as the very strongest of all instinctive imperatives, is recognized and used to establish a secure emotional environment.


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