Animal Wellness Center

I have a beautiful little female tabby who found me when she was only weeks old in an industrial area in Plainview.  For nearly 18 years she has been my child, my best friend and cuddle-mate. She has enjoyed a lifetime of good health until recently when we noticed that she was having what appeared to be either seizures or fainting spells.  These became more intense and these episodes were coming closer together. We took her to our local vet near our home in western Nassau and ultimately had to admit her to the Center for Specialized Care Animal Hospital overnight so she could be monitored.  She was placed on a heart monitor and arrhythmias were noted just prior to her experiencing these episodes. We were told the only option of saving her was to have her undergo pacemaker placement. We were devastated.  When we brought her home she was so drugged up that she was not herself.  My kids eat very well and get supplements.  I rarely give them medication. After having her shot up with Valium, steroids and some other medications and still no options other than major surgery for an animal her size, we called Dr. Miller, sent all the records and set up a phone consult.  We had also had an echocardiogram performed which revealed heart disease.

After speaking with him we picked up the holistic remedies that were made for Pebbles and I was told it could take 7 to 14 days to see if this would work for her.  Well, within the first 7 days we noticed a major improvement in her overall mood, appetite and her episodes seem to lessen each day. By the second week she was doing amazingly well.  We just couldn't believe the improvement.  We took her to see Dr. Miller where she received acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments.  Dr. Miller and his staff are wonderful and seeing how they interact with the patients speaks volumes.  When she came home she curled up purring. She seemed so relaxed and content.  Since then, she has been jumping and leaping off the bed, the window sills, eating very well, and playing more than I've seen in months.  She is actually even walking around the house whereas for years she stayed in one room since she doesn't get along great with our other "kids".  I am so pleased and thankful that every time I walk past her and see her looking so well, I just have to give her a kiss and a hug.  I am so thankful to Dr. Miller for helping us with our little Pebbles and I'm sure she is thankful for feeling as well as she does.  I am also thankful that Dr. Miller offers holistic care to animals and my other "kids" will be better for it, as well.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Linda Marlowe
Garden City, NY


When I first brought my 9 year old Springer Spaniel, Logan, to Dr Miller I had really exhausted all my options and thought maybe homeopathic is the way to go. My dog was suffering from chronic ear infections, lethargy, stiffness, and multiple lipomas and  thick masses all over his body  My dog is truly part of my family and to see him so miserable all the time was killing me. The Veterinarians I took him too were pretty good, but for the ear infections they gave me medicine and ear wash to use, which worked, but when the medicine wore off the ear infections returned with a vengeance. Both the prior vets said the lumps were lipomas and fatty masses due to the dogs age (old) and indoor sedentary lifestyle (fat). They kept telling me to cut his food back, Well when I was down to 1/2 a cup a day, not only did I now have a very lumpy dog who had horrible chronic ear infections, I also had a very starving dog that would lunge at anything that even looked edible. When I decided not to believe that my dog was just old and fat, I called on Dr. Miller. I emailed him and explained my dogs many problems. Dr. Miller said that he thought he could help me and explained the difference between dampness and dryness. I remembered one of my prior vet's saying that my dogs ear canal was very wet inside and wondered if I had gotten water in it. I hadn't, so when Dr Miller mentioned about the dampness it made sense. Dr. Miller also told me about a thing called liver stagnation. The fatty masses were actually accumulated toxins due to the liver stagnation! I had never heard of this before.

Well, it has been 2 years now and the dog that I thought might not make it past 9 is now 11 and looks and acts like a puppy at times. He has that old spring back in his step. So much for "old and fat". He has also lost about 80% of the lumpy masses due to the detox, acupuncture ,aquapuncture and homotox treatments I can even feel his ribcage which I  hadn't felt in years. Those horrible chronic ear infections are a thing of the past. Occasionally he will get one, but Dr miller found out that my boy has allergies, I also feed him Dr Millers garden mix dog food plus  meat. Logan can now eat a full meal and maintain a good weight. Logan and I are so glad and grateful that we met Dr. Miller. Thank You Dr Miller and staff of the Animal Wellness Center.

Cynthia and Logan Banker


Dear Dr. Miller,

Thank you for all the good you have done our dog MeeTu. His cough seems to have cleared up, His appetite has improved to the point where he's a little piglet. He is 13 years old but is now acting like a much younger dog. when you started treating him we had given up on curing his bronchitis. Now he seems much happier and way more lively (as lively as any 13 year old Shih Tzu with a Napoleon complex can be).

Art and Robbyn Moskowitz


Dr. Miller,

I want to thank you and your outstanding staff for the care you all have taken in the treatment of our cat, Wiggum.  When Diane had first said that she wanted to find a veterinarian that used holistic or homeopathic remedies as the primary means to treat ailments, I was for it but still had my reservations.  That does not mean that I don’t believe in natural treatments.  I was more concerned that whatever needed to be done would not be aggressive enough to soothe Wiggum’s discomfort.  I should have known from my own experience with natural treatments that, while it may take longer, the results are better and have a more lasting effect. 

Wiggum has always been a cranky pet with comparisons to Dick Cheney (by me) and Walter Matthau’s character in the Grumpy Old Men movies (by you).  Well, I am happy to say that, although he is still a crank, he is also a completely different cat who is more affectionate and sociable than in recent memory.  Remembering back to when Wiggum was about a year old, he would cuddle on our laps or climb up on the bed while we slept.  But as he got older, he started to develop allergies and problems with his teeth, which made him miserable from his itching and problems eating.  It was hard to watch him at times and we felt helpless. 

We knew our vet prior to coming to the Animal Wellness Center would provide Wiggum with a steroidal based treatment that would only alleviate the itching or some antibiotics for his gums, but never truly delve into how to resolve the multiple issues that seemed to plague him.  As a result of these treatments, only a few months would pass before the symptoms that were merely muted by steroids would return with a vengeance.  This was very frustrating and it didn’t make us feel any better knowing all of the drugs we had been giving him could have a long term negative effect that might outweigh the stopgap benefits.  

So the decision was finally made to bring Wiggum to the Animal Wellness Center.  It was one of the best that we have ever made when it came to dealing with any of our pets’ health concerns.  (And as I write this, Wiggum is lying on a blanket next to me and hasn’t appeared this comfortable in years.)  It’s terrible to think that he had been so uncomfortable for so long, but it was difficult for us to make the move away from conventional veterinary medicine.  Now that he is in your care, he hardly scratches at himself, his breath is so much better, his coat is shiny and he is eating EVERYTHING!  He has always had a good appetite, but this is ridiculous.  Even having no teeth has deterred him from eating.  In fact, he is eating more than before.  He is truly living up to his namesake, but no one is complaining about that. 

Thank you again for the care and dedication you all have shown.

Best Regards,
Keith, Diane and Wiggum


Rose here to tell you about the best summer I have ever had! During the first year of my life I was plagued with allergies. My humans fed me "organic" dry food but I always got ear infections. One vet repetedly treated me with Prednisone. He meant well but it made me gain lots of weight, become very thirsty and bloated. My stomach was almost always dragging on the ground! When I ran, I was easily out of breath. It was no fun at all and my humans worried.

Dr. Miller changed all that. Now my humans feed me bison and gluten free vegetable mix. The food is really delicious and I'm so satisfied I rarely ask for a treat. Dr. Miller gives me herbs, acupuncture and other holistic remedies. Dr. Miller says that he's detoxifying me. I don't know what that means but he says it's a really good thing. Now my eyes sparkle, my coat is very soft and I'm more energetic. In just six short weeks my ears have cleared up without using Prednisone! If you need some help just call Dr. Miller and he'll fix you right up!

Love and Sloppy Kisses,

When my Winnie, a happy feisty Westie, was about five years old she began biting her feet and scratching both of her ears.  She would scratch so hard her ears would bleed and she would yelp in pain.  Her stomach was always upset and would make the loudest most awful noises.  I took her immediately to my Vet, she was put on steroids off and on for these symptoms for a couple of years.   The scratching would go away briefly and then it would come back again.   The medication would make Winnie lethargic and depressed....she stopped playing and seemed unhappy.   I was sad and frustrated.  I called my friend who raised and showed Jack Russells, she recommended Dr. Miller and Holistic medicine.  I was really a skeptic, but I had nothing to lose.  I called his office and was warmly greeted by his caring staff.  Dr. Miller took charge, changed Winnies' diet, gave her herbal medicine and acupuncture.  She was a totally new dog in just four weeks !!!   I feel so good about my choice to pursue Holistic medicine for Winnie.  Thank you Dr. Miller !!!  Much thanks also to your wonderful staff !!!!   

In April, our 14 yr. old, Pound-Puppy, Weezie was diagnosed with a sarcoma, a large tumor in her chest.  Our vet recommended surgery to have the tumor removed.  At 14 yrs. of age, we knew that this procedure would affect Weezie's quality of life and we simply could not put her through that. This type of surgery would only amend her symptoms without treating the cause of the problem.

We began searching the Internet for an alternative.  That is when we discovered Dr. Miller.  Through acupuncture, herb supplements, and a mostly organic diet, Weezie is in better health and spirit than ever.  She is feisty, energetic and happy.  We are truly grateful to Dr. Miller for his dedication to Animal Wellness.


Dear Dr. Miller,

My 12 year old Harpo was having great difficulty getting up,walking,and enjoying life.  I started  him  on your treatment a few months ago.  I am happy to report that Harpo is now enjoying some of the things he so liked to do. He can use the stairs, get into the car, go for long walks and best of all, chase the squirrels out of his yard. 

Carol Ann Stoltz


Thanks to Dr. Miller, Teddy, our one year old Pomeranian, is running, jumping and going for long walks. About 6 months ago, Teddy was limping and having difficulty going for extended walks. We brought Teddy to a vet with our concerns. Many x-rays were taken and surgery on Teddy's elbow was recommended. Not sure that surgery was the answer, we did nothing. On a visit to a local pet store, we came across Dr. Miller's Animal Wellnews and Animal Wellness Center . Impressed with what we read, we made an appointment with Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller recommended giving Teddy acupuncture treatments, chiropractic adjustments and also holistic homeopathic medicines. We were skeptical about this type of treatment but we saw Teddy improve. We also put Teddy on Dr. Miller's Diet. Within a month or so he was running and jumping like he did as a puppy. Teddy is still seeing Dr. Miller with greater time between each visit. We are very happy with Teddy's results. Thank you Dr. Miller and Teddy thanks you too!

The Hegeman Family
East Northport, NY

My dog, Birdy, a 10-year old terrier mix was getting constant urinary tract infections, her coat was dry and dull and she was very sleepy and sluggish-- not her usual self.  She just looked "ill."

An acquaintance of mine said she had been using Dr. Miller's Garden Pre-mix dog food for her own dog who also experienced frequent urinary tract infections.  Her dog stopped having infections as soon as she started using
the dog food.

As soon as I started giving Birdy Dr. Miller's dog food, there were noticeable changes.  Her coat started coming in shiny and healthy-looking. She had a lot more energy.  She was able to jump onto our bed again -- her favorite place to sleep when we are not home -- when previously she was having trouble getting up there.  But, most importantly, she stopped getting the urinary tract infections.  Not to mention the fact that I think she thinks she is getting "people" food.  She looks for her dinner now every night and lets me know she is waiting and licks the bowl all the way into the living room!

I would recommend trying Dr. Miller's dog food -- I am glad I did (and so is Birdy)!

Lori Faller

HarryDear Dr. Miller,

Thank you for all you did for Harry. We'd been to two other vets prior to coming to you and neither of them could resolve Harry's case of giardia. He was four months old when he was diagnosed and month after month, test after test, and every possible medication available, nohing helped. Finally coming to you, in only three visits, not only was he giardia-free, you helped to detox his liver of all the chemicals the previous vets had prescribed.

Harry's healthy and happy and he's not the only one. The stress and the cost of trying to rid Harry of the giardia took it's toll on both of us. You made it seem easy. I wish I knew of your holistic treatment months ago.
Linda and Harry




EzraThis is Ezra. He is a 5 year old Welsh Terrier. He is the best dog in the world, but he wasn't always that way. The first 3 years of Ezra's life were marked by severe unexplained aggression and viciousness. He would blindly go into fits of rage where he would snarl, bare his teeth and bite whoever was near. At first, it seemed it was a behavioral problem, so trainers and an animal behaviorist were called in. The problem did not cease. As Ezra got older, his fits took on a new pattern. Every 2 months or so, without warning, Ezra would go into a frenzy. He seemed to be in a trance like state and would come out of the rage later on seemingly with no recollection The situation was extremely dangerous, because his family would never know when he would rage.

The saddest part is that when Ezra was not vicious, he was a loving , sweet, playful companion.

In February 2000, he bit a family member very badly. Something had to be done, and it seemed that Ezra's days were numbered. As a last ditch effort, his family decided to do research on alternative therapies, nutrition and herbs. Ezra's diet was completely changed to an all natural, organic food regimen. He was given vitamins and herbs specific to brain function and aggressiveness.

One year ago Ezra came under Dr. Miller's care. Dr. Miller diagnosed Ezra as having brain damage from vaccinations that adversely affected him. Dr. Miller has expertly cared for Ezra with homeopathy and subluxation techniques.

Ezra has not been vicious for 2 whole years! In fact he has been calmer and happier than he's ever been

Although they will always live with a bit of caution, Ezra's family no longer lives in fear.

Ezra's life was saved through the goodness of God and through natural alternative care. Ezra's family thanks Dr. Miller for his help and devotion.

Dr. Miller has to be the best vet I have ever dealt with. He believes in a hollistic approach to a pet's well being which is unusual but very effective. My dog loves his special recipe food. If your pet is taking medication for an illness, you owe it to yourself and your pet to see Dr. Miller. He may be able to help your pet hollistically and without medication. You have nothing to lose.

I really can't say enough great things about Dr. Miller and his staff at the Animal Wellness Center. He took my dog Bubba under his care four months ago. Bubba, my five year old Chihuahua mix, had a compressed disc in his spine. After accupressure, accupuncture, chiropractic and infra-sound treatments and herbal medicines Bubba is better than ever. One of my concerns prior to going was my prejudice that holistic doctors were more like boutique shops for the rich and/or famous to take their pets. People from the Hamptons take their dogs to places like this to have their 'chi' corrected, etc. I scoffed. I was foolish. I also figured such a place would be expensive. While no doctor is exactly cheap, my 'regular' vet wanted $6000 for treatments that may or may not have healed Bubba...if he didn't die from it. So far I don't believe I've accrued more than $1500 in bills from Dr. Miller, if that and all of it was worth every penny. Bubba couldn't be healthier or happier. While Bubba is rather young, I've seen other clients with older cats and dogs and Dr. Miller does wonders with them. On the outside they all look older, but they've got spunk and energy like any puppy or kitten. It's pretty amazing. Google his website and read all the client testimonials. When you sit in his waiting room, you'll meet other clients who always seem to be willing to share their heart-touching stories. FYI - you don't have to be in an emergency situation to visit Dr. Miller. I'd recommend him highly as a standard vet. Bubba won't ever visit anyone else! Right now, Dr. Miller has him on preventative herbal meds as tests shown high readings for his kidney and some minor heart issues. With Dr. Miller's care I'll have Bubba around, healthy and happy for many years to come. I feel like I owe him everything...


Kiki & Taffy

Dear Dr. Miller,

Taffy and KiKi are my 12 years old cats.   2 years ago, before I started seeing Dr. Miller, while under the care of a traditional vet, I was giving Taffy injections of 100 mL of IV fluid under the skin every other day for early stage renal failure.  It was a strain on both of us and getting more difficult by the day.  My other cat KiKi was limping and showing signs of worsening arthritis.

I was recommended to the Animal Wellness Center by a friend whose dog Dr. Miller had treated after cancer surgery.  I started with Taffy and through chiropractic, acupuncture and herbal therapy was able to get him off the fluid injections immediately with no worsening of his kidneys functions.  I then started bringing KiKi in for treatment of his arthritis.  With regular treatments Taffy’s renal problems have not progressed and KiKi no longer limps and is much more active and comfortable.

I believe that if I had not been referred to Dr. Miller that KiKi would be suffering tremendously and that Taffy would probably not be with me right now.

I also credit Dr. Miller and assistants with their persistence in winning over my not so veterinary-friendly KiKi who was allowed to spend the first year or so of his treatment in his cat bed and has finally allowed Dr. Miller to treat him on the table.

My family and I have used chiropractic and homeopathic care successfully since I was in high school and am so glad that I have the option now for my pets.  I even started acupuncture treatments myself after seeing the great results it has had on my cats!

Many Thanks!
Susan Gross


Dr. Miller,

I can not thank you enough for being instrumental in bringing my dogs health and quality of life back. I thought for sure there was nothing that could be done for him. After taking him to the \"specialty hospitals\" on the island, it was obvious that conventional medicine wasnt going to help my dog. Spanky just celebrated his 18th birthday ,thanks to you and your staff.

Ron Chalhon 

EDITORS NOTE: spanky was diagnosed at Long Island Veterinary Specialist Center with lung cancer that had spread to his spine 18 months ago; he was unable to walk when presented at that time; he coughed a blood tinged sputum at that time;  he is is now walking well and only coughs occasionally.


My 11 year old Dalmation Suzie had hurt her neck and was was walking around in pain, unable to raise her head and dragging her left foot. She also has renal disease, so the use of steroids was contraindicated. I have another Dalmation who is Dr. Miller's patient. I knew he did chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, so I brought Suzie to him. He was calming and gentle with her. After three treatments plus medicinals she was back to her old self, running around and going up and down the stairs at home. Suzie had also had lost weight due to her renal disease. Dr. Miller had recommended his Garden Pre Mix Pet food, which I make at home. She has put some weight back on and really likes the food. Dr. Miller is compassionate and cares about the quality of life of a person's pet.

Thank you,
Donna Kelley


My name is Tammy Newman and my dog is Sade (pronounces “Sadie). She is so important to me because she is not just a great pet; she is also a service dog. I have epilepsy, and she can tell before a seizure happens that one is about to, so I can take the extra medicines I need, or can pull the car over until it passes. She is as important to my life as a seeing eye dog is to the blind owner. I am writing you to thank you for the extra wonderful time you have given us, and continue to give us. I first spoke to you about Sade in “April 2005. She had just been diagnosed, by a neurologist who did a MRI, with a brain tumor. She has gone blind and had lost the ability to sense my impending seizures. It seemed that she was on her last days, and the neurosurgeon I had taken her to said it was not operable. My local vet had no treatments to offer me. It looked like we would have to put her to sleep. When I spoke to you on your cell phone that day you honestly shared with me that you did not know if you could help her in her advanced state. I asked to come see you anyway and the next day we arrived at the Animal Wellness Center. After reviewing her chart and examining her, you told me that the first stage of treatment would be to detoxify her from the drugs and anesthetics haven by her other vet and the specialist. You did acupuncture and chiropractic on her, changed her diet to the home-made premix that you make, and put her on herbs and homeopathic medicines. As much to your surprise as mine, she immediately started to improve. Her vision slowly improved over the next two weeks, and she regained the ability to predict my seizures! The next part of treatment was aimed at the cancer itself. You prescribed a variety of mushroom extracts and other supplements to help the immune system attach the cancer. You predicted that if she was to get better, there would have to be a major skin eruption phase, which started about a month later; she shed tremendously, had a bunch of zits and at the same time became much more energetic, digging holes in the yard like she had years before, and playing more. She has continued under your care for 15 months now, and there is no sign of the cancer returning. While she is now an old lady, she keeps on going like the ever-ready bunny, doing her job and helping my life like no other. Thank you again for all your help.

Tammy Newman
West Babylon, NY



In December 2005 we took our 15 ½ year old Maltese Mika for a visit to her local vet.  A routine blood test showed an increased red blood cell count and low blood sugar.  Her blood sugar levels were so low that we were told she could experience seizures.  She was prescribed prednisone by her local vet to control the blood sugar.  A sonogram was recommended and a mass was found on her right kidney. We then took Mika to a specialist and they recommended surgery and possibly chemotherapy depending on the results of the exploratory.   At her advanced age we did not want to put Mika through this surgery and were struggling and praying to make the right decision. Our prayers were answered when Mika’s groomer told us about Dr. Miller and his holistic approach to medicine.  We took Mika for her first visit in early January 2006.  Dr. Miller examined Mika, reviewed her history and lab results and suggested a treatment protocol.  He immediately changed her diet and prescribed several different homeopathic remedies as well as chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture.  He also weaned her off the prednisone during the course of her first few treatments.  Her blood sugar level has returned to within normal limits and her condition and other blood components continue to improve. At her advanced age she has certainly slowed down and does “nap” a lot but she also interacts with us and plays a bit of “catch the glove” most days.  Her appetite remains healthy and she has adjusted to Dr. Miller’s dry blend (moistened) and she enjoys her “natural” treats now. Our treatment goal is to keep Mika happy and comfortable and we are achieving that goal today thanks to Dr. Miller and his wonderful staff.

Thank you with all our hearts!!!! 
Barbara, Bob & Princess Mika Lee Grant



I brought my 6-year-old Portuguese Water Dog Mugsy in desperation last year when his allergies were bad despite lots of traditional treatments since puppyhood. He had had infections from complications from allergies, and he had even been taking steroid pills. He wasn’t as agile as he used to be, especially his back end. His coat was getting dull and thin. .Dr.Miller treated him with homeopathic medicine, Chinese herbs, special shampoo, chiropractic and acupuncture. He explained and gave me advice.. Soon he had his old swagger back and his shiny thick coat again. His allergies didn’t go away but they improved so much that I was able to taper him off the meds. He’s seven years old now and only takes allergy meds occasionally as needed. . I am very happy and grateful. Thank you, Dr. Miller!


Dear Dr. Miller:
Let me just begin by apologizing. I must admit when I brought my “Bovier Des Flander” (Merlin) to your office, I really did not believe you could help him. But I was so reluctant to use the anti-inflammatory medicine prescribed by a different veterinarian, because I was aware of the side effects. Not to mention the cost! Anyway, Merlin was having difficulty getting up and also walking very slowly with a bad limp in his rear legs - and I worried he might be having pain and soon not be able to get up and walk at all. To be brief, after just two visits, he began to actually run again. I watched you do orthopedic manipulation and you gave Merlin some homeopathic medicine. And there was no need to use powerful conventional medicines. I bring him in once every few months for minor manipulation and he’s just fine….and Merlin likes you!!!
Thank you from the family and Merlin.
Mike Monte


Dear Dr. Miller,

I wanted to thank you for all you've done for Sophie and Maybelline. It was a year and a half ago that I came to you literally at the end of my rope. Maybelline had suffered from allergies virtually since birth and all conventional medicine could offer was stronger antibiotics. Maybell's skin was fine as long as she was on antibiotics, but overall she was miserable. She wouldn't eat or play. Off the antibiotics, she broke out in bloody pustules all around her face and lips to the point she couldn't eat. I was between a rock and a hard place. Your prescription was more sensible. Support Maybell's own immune system through proper diet and medications in your holistic arsenal. You told me that this wasn't a quick fix, but rather an improvement ofMaybell's overall health. I steadily saw improvement in Maybell's ability to heal herself. This allergy season was the most amazing. This time of the year was always torture for Maybell. This Spring, Maybell had a bit of reddening around her skin folds at her nose. I cleaned her skin with a little of your Calendula solution and in a week, everything cleared up. That was the extent of her spring attack. No antibiotics, no medications - nothing!

Sophie was your next case. Again from birth, Sophie suffered re-occurring bladder infections - I'm talking four to five times a year. Again, my conventional vet could only offer stronger antibiotics which made Sophie nauseous and lethargic. Your take on Sophie was the infections were a symptom rather than the root of the problem. After careful diagnostics, you found Sophie's liver was not functioning properly. Sophie is being treated for this and the bladder problems are greatly reduced and Sophie is happier. I was definitely a skeptic when I chose this route for my dogs. I was so desperate I would have sprinkled pixie dust on my girls if someone told me it would help. I truly believe in the ability of homeopathic, holistic and herbal medicines to treat health problems in our pets. They really are the perfect test subjects - either a treatment works or it doesn't. Unlike humans, they have no expectation of a medicine working.
Thanks again for everything and I wish you and yours good health and happiness.

Holly Carr
Locust Valley, New York


When we brought our 12 year old dog Gwendolyn to Dr. Miller for the first time he was her last hope. We were informed by our previous veterinarian that it was time to start thinking about putting Gwen to sleep. There was nothing else that she could do to help.

Gwen has Cushing's disease complicated by severe stomach problems. She had been on several medications everyday, none of which seemed to help. Gwen then started to develop neurological symptoms. Our then vet said that she had all the signs of having a brain tumor and that it was just a matter of time. We were devastated. On our own we decided to look up the side effects of the medications that she was on , and found that one of them could be responsible for the way she had been acting. We went against the advice of our vet, and stopped the medication. Within days, she seemed a lot better. It was then that we knew we had to look into something else for Gwen.

We found Dr. Miller's name on the internet. We called him right away and made an appointment. Dr. Miller gave her a thorough examination. He was kind, positive and compassionate. He told us to stop her meds because he felt that she was being overmedicated. He performed aqua-puncture and gave her chiropractic treatments. He gave her homeopathic mixtures and started her on his natural food mixture.

I can not begin to describe, the change in Gwen. She is like a new dog. She will always have Cushing's disease, but now she can live with it comfortably. She is barking, eating, playing and sleeping well at night.

Thank you Dr. Miller, for giving us back our baby.'
Sincerely, Chris & Bob Lopez
Little Neck, NY


JazziWhen I first met Dr. Miller, I overheard him ask what “my mission” was. Of course, I was pleased to hear my best friend and caregiver respond “to play with her toys”! I knew I was in the right place because they all understood me. Needless to say, everyone has their health problems, but Dr. Miller always has the solution. When I was younger, he corrected a serious liver problem with his expertise, wisdom, and diet adjustments.

In August of 2004, I lost a very important member of my family and best friend. I really didn’t care to play anymore. Well, of course, Dr. Miller knew the homeopathic remedy for grief and got me active again with his blend of acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and special medicine.

I am now 13 and will be 14 in May 2005, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a puppy at heart. I was doing well until one day recently I began limping and had terrible trouble getting around. I was in severe discomfort and couldn’t get to where I wanted. Again Dr. Mller came to my rescue with his blend of blood work, antibiotics, chiropractic  adjustments, acupuncture and homeopathic remedies which made my Lyme disease subside. He even called my home immediately after returning from his winter holiday to check on me. I was busy playing with my toys, but could tell everyone was pleased with my progress.
As you can see from my recent photo, I’m healthy again. I love my family, but I know I have another devoted friend in Dr. Miller.

Thank you Animal Wellness Center!!!

Love & Slurps,
Jazzi - Gwendolyn King, St. James, NY


In January of 2003, I brought Margo to her usual vet because she had a urinary tract infection He said it was time for her leptospirosis vaccine, so I consented and she had the shot. He said to expect some lethargy and soreness for a day or two. She was lethargic but way beyond the allotted time. She also developed a skin rash that made her smell badly and itch profusely. She would scratch herself so much that she would bleed. Also, the urinary tract infection didn’t clear up. She often just shut herself in a room and stayed there the whole day.

I called the vet back to ask what he would do if I brought her in and he said probably put her on steroids. I didn’t want to do that, but didn’t know where to turn. Then I remembered a flyer I had stashed away about a holistic vet. Since I’m into holistic treatments for myself and my family, I felt comfortable contacting him. I brought Margo in and she had acupuncture, got adjusted and was given herbal therapy. I also changed her diet to Dr. Miller’s premix, which made a huge difference in her activity level. Margo fully recovered in a couple of months and is happier and healthier than she has ever been! We are so happy she is at her optimum health, especially since she’s now a senior (10 years old.) We know that visits to Dr. Miller, her diet, and plenty of exercise will help to keep her a member of our family for many years to come.

Diane Shapiro
Greenlawn, NY


Our cat, Pepe, is now 6 years old. We adopted Pepe as an 8 week old kitten from the North Shore Animal League. When Pepe was two years old we noticed that he was coughing. We took him to a traditional veterinarian and he sent us home with a prescription for prednisone. The medication helped and we thought he only had a cold or an inflammation in his trachea. A few months later he started coughing again and we observed that he was breathing rapidly. I brought him back to the vet and he told me that our cat was very sick and his chance of survival was low. He told me that Pepe had fluid in his chest and he could not determine the cause. He gave Pepe several tests and they all cam back negative. The vet told us there was nothing else he could do and referred us to an internal veterinarian specialist.I made an appointment for Pepe to see the specialist. Before our appointment time came, Pepe became very sick, he wasn't eating and he was hiding. We took him to the emergency veterinary hospital where he stayed for five days. The specialist saw him in the hospital and gave Pepe more tests. When Pepe came home, we still didn't know why the fluid continued to build up in his chest. The only option the specialist gave us was exploratory surgery to determine the reason for the build up of fluid. We decided not to have the surgery for that would cause too much pain for our cat. We would take Pepe to the specialist regularly so that she could drain the fluid from his chest. Pepe was under the specialist's care for over a year and continued to get fluid in his chest. She told me there wasn't anything else she could do for Pepe. She expected that Pepe would die in a few weeks. During this time, I was seeing an acupuncturist in order to eliminate my seasonal allergies. I was feeling great and not taking allergy medicine for the first time in years. My acupuncturist recommended that I bring Pepe to Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller treated Pepe with acupuncture, herbs and chiropractic techniques. Dr. Miller always takes the time to listen to all of Pepe's symptoms and makes the appropriate herb medication. Pepe has been Dr. Miller's patient for three years and he has been doing great! He sits outside on the deck and teases the dog. We rarely see him cough anymore. He does sleep more than regular cats, but he's happy. Pepe even likes taking his herbal medication, he starts purring when he sees his herb bottle. Dr. Miller is wonderful with Pepe and he really cares about our cat. My husband and I know it we didn't take Pepe to Dr. Miller he would not still be with us.


Roxanne's Story

I came to Dr. Miller with my dear sweet little 11-year-old black and white kitty because she had a tumor. I was reluctant to have it removed surgically for several reasons. She was old and I didn't want to put her through it and she might not make it through the surgery. I was hoping to find another treatment (i.e. homeopathic, herbal etc.), and I had heard tumors most often grow back. The tumor had been there for a long time, since I adopted her when she was about four and only recently had begun enlarging, opened up, was bleeding and oozing. She started eating very little and got very skinny and weak. Blood tests revealed she was anemic, so Dr. Miller told me to feed her raw liver that she ate with no hesitation. After blood tests showed that her bodily functions were OK for surgery I was back but she seemed even weaker since the first time I was there. I really didn't think she would make it through the surgery. I was in the treatment room with Dr. Miller and he said to either remove the tumor or put her down. I was very distraught at the thought of losing her and I began feeling very sick. I asked Dr. Miller what the chances were like in similar cases (at her age) of recovery. He said there was about a 40% chance which just seemed like enough to me and gave me a glimmer of hope so I decided to go ahead with the surgery.

Well, she made it through the surgery and her post-op went rather smoothly. My Thanksgiving weekend consisted of nursing her back to health as she began eating and gaining weight almost immediately. The biopsy showed that the tumor was Basel Cell Carcinoma and that Dr. Miller had removed all of the diseased tissue and she was expected to make a full recovery. She has had some minor difficulty with throwing up and some gagging, but with various homeopathic remedies and acupuncture that is subsiding. All in all she is doing amazingly great. She is eating and doing better than she had been for about the last year. I am so happy and grateful to have found Dr. Miller and I know Roxanne is too.


ChloeyChloey is an adorable very friendly Boston terrier. Our family loves her very much. When she was about one year old I noticed she would limp after walking a few blocks with me. So, I took her to my previous vet. He x-rayed her and found she had hip dysplasia on both sides! I was than referred to an animal orthopedic surgeon, who described a serious, scary and major surgery to correct Chloey's hips. Needless to say my whole family was heartbroken. Not wanting to put Chloey through this traumatic ordeal I searched for other solutions. Dr. Burton Miller was recommended by a friend who knew of his work by Canine Corral. Dr. Miller prescribed homeopathic medicine, chiropractic care, acupuncture and acupressure. We have now visited Dr. Miller for a year. She enjoys treatment and finds it relaxing. Chloey is doing beautifully, she always wants to run and play ball, climb stairs and jumps on everyone's bed to snuggle. Chloey is a smart, great dog and the Animal Wellness Center is a loving, great place. Thank you for taking such good care of an important member of my family."

Chloey's Mom & Dad


MaxieDear Dr. Miller,

I have had a very special lifestyle since I was brought home from Canine Corral as a 10 week old Lhasa Apso puppy. I have lived on both coasts having enjoyed the best of Great Neck, NY and San Diego, CA. I was smart enough to learn everything very quickly in Ira's obedience school at Canine Corral. I behave so well that I have full run of the house. I actually rule the house, if you know what I mean. As a puppy I would run through the living room so fast that I earned the nickname "White Lightning". I was used to living on one level in New York and then Mommy and Daddy decided to move to a two level house in San Diego with 14 steps. This is where my troubles began. I thought the stairs were a game and went up three or four at a time. I compressed two discs in my back and was in tremendous pain. I had to rest a lot and take up to 3 pain pills a day. By the time I moved back to New York, I was now 15 years old and I was starting to drag my back leg. The pain pills weren't working and I could see that Mommy and Daddy didn't know what to do for me to make me comfortable. My current Vet was talking surgery and I was scared at my age. One day Daddy was searching for advice and he called Ira at Canine Corral who recommended I go see Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller examined me and looked me straight in the eye and said he could help me. He told me he would use Acupuncture, Chiropractic Adjustments and Homeopathic Remedies. I looked at Dr. Miller and gave him a lick and said please help me. Initially I went to Dr. Miller once a week for Acupuncture and Chiropractic Adjustments. In between treatments I would take some liquid homeopathic medication from an eyedropper. To me it became known as Dr. Miller's "magic medicine". I started making progress from visit number one. I am walking much better now and I have not taken a single pain pill since my first treatment from Dr. Miller. I have improved so much that I only go see Dr. Miller once a month now. I look forward to my three or more walks every day and there are some days that I actually run around like my puppy days. Thank you for making my "golden years" truly golden and comfortable.

Love, Maxie


AbbeyDr Miller "When we brought our cat, Abbey, to Dr Miller she was miserable, virtually unapproachable, chronically constipated and was urinating periodically on the carpets. She had been seen by another vet who had simply prescribed some medication which didn't work. We didn't feel comfortable having her on medication all the time and looked for an alternative way to treat her. With several holistic therapies, Dr Miller turned our unhappy girl into a friendly, happy, "regular" cat who has actually started playing (!) with our two younger cats.(Before we brought her to Dr Miller she wouldn't get within 6 feet of them) She even jumps up on our laps to ask for petting! We are amazed at Abbey's miraculous recovery.

Thank you so much, Dr Miller!

Sincerely Lori and Joe


It was July'03, and I knew my dog was seriously ill and dying right before my eyes. In a panic, I rushed her to the nearest veterinarian which happened to be The Glen Cove Animal Hospital.After xrays were taken, it was explained to me in laymen terms, that my little dog's body had formed 3 rather large stones, one of which was lodged directly in her pelvic cavity. This particular stone blocked her ability to defecate, she also was not able to eat or drink. Prior to this, I had little warning when blood began to appear in her urine. I was told she would have to undergo emergency surgery immediately or she would die, and that there was no guarantee she would remain alive through the procedure.On a Friday, she was admitted into their hospital, and at first they were very good about keeping me informed of her prognosis. I was allowed to visit with her the next day, Saturday. She was weak but seemed happy to see me, and her favorite toy I had brought to her for comfort as I would not be allowed to stay with her, nor see her until Monday, when I could take her home.Nothing could have prepared me for the shock of what was before me when I came to take her home. My dog no longer recognized me, and could not stop spinning in circles to her left. It was a nightmare beyond description, and she surely was not going to make it through this way.I was told she needed to be on more medication, and more bouts of extremely expensive testings were ordered. I was horrified the hospital had not informed me of her drastic change sooner. In fact, they simply asked me if it was her habit to turn in circles when she was about to defecate. Most dogs do a certain amount of 'dancing' before the act I thought to myself at the time, but I had no idea of her damage until after I came home with her, and was able to observe her more closely.This hospital then claimed denial of something gone wrong, stating that I had admitted it was common place for her to behave in such a manner. I was speechless.I thank God for holistic medicine which has saved my family as well as myself on numerous occasions, and I am equally grateful for the wisdom, compassion and knowledge of Dr. Miller and his Animal Wellness Center. I was told by Dr. Miller that my dog was suffering neurological damage from an over-dose of anesthesia.With his expert guidance and gentle but swift and honest care, my dog has healed after several months of nursing in Dr. Miller's holistic approach.After this experience, I will never have any animal I own taken to an allopathic veterinarian again.

Thank you Dr. Miller!

Gratefully yours;
Sandra Rios
Azucar's human 'mommie'



Dear Dr. Miller, Barbra, Michael and Stephanie,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me through all of my puppy growing pains. All of you are so wonderful to me and my family. We are truly blessed to have found such a caring doctor and staff. In the future I hope to visit for more well visits and less accidents. Thanks gain for getting me back to running on all four paws.

Love Always,

Flash Kropf

P.S. Your office always has the best treats.



Our dog Snuggles is 13 years old and for a few years now had not been getting around very well. She would limp slightly whenever she stood up, she wasn't able to jump up to sleep on her favorite piece of furniture, and should would never have approached us to play with her. Her worst limping episode happened while her regular vet was on vacation, so we took her to my puppy's vet, Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller gave Snuggles shots and medication for arthritis, as well as back treatment. Within 24 hours se was walking better than she has in years, and now, three months later, she is more energetic than ever and even manages to keep up with the puppy. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller to anyone who has a dog with arthritis.





I first met Dr. Miller August 30, 2001 after our family vet told us our eight week old Yorkshire puppy had a condition called patella luxation (her rear knee caps would dislocate). Our vet recommended returning her or having to put her through knee surgery, when she gets older. Doctor Miller treated Angel for five months with Holistic treatment and chiropractic treatment. Angel now goes for treatment every three months to keep her legs in good health. With Doctor Miller's care our little dog Angel will have a normal life without surgery. We would love the care our dog received at the Animal Wellness Center. I would recommend Dr. Miller to all who asked.

Thank You,
Debbie Lippis



DaisyDear Dr. Miller,

Thank you so very much for giving Daisy the gift of health! The holistic techniques that you used helped her more than we ever imagined possible.

Before we found you we had tried vet after vet in an attempt to find a solution to Daisy's many problems with her allergies, arthritis and the skin condition that left her itchy and miserable most of the time. No one could help her beyond treatments that provided only temporary relief for her. But even that brief relief was coupled with disturbing side effects that upset her system. Loving Daisy as we did, it was hard for us to watch her in such discomfort, lethargic and losing her joy for life. We had almost given up on finding anything that could help her. Then we saw your announcement in the paper and decided to bring Daisy in for a consultation with you. From that day forward Daisy's improvement was fast and remarkable. Her skin condition cleared up. Despite her age she started to act like a puppy again, playing with our other dog and dragging us on her leash, demanding to be taken for long walks down the street. All of a sudden we had our old dog back! And it was all thanks to your prescribed holistic treatment regimen, on that was gentle and practical. It was also a departure from anything ever prescribed for her before. We only regret that we didn't find you sooner.

Simply stated, we are very grateful that you're there with your expertise, your talents, and your concern. You are someone who truly makes a difference for animals and for the people who love them.



OscarDear Dr. Miller,

When mommy brought me to see you in May, I knew it was the last resort.

You see, I used to swim and play and run alongside my mommy until I got sick back in January, from a bad vaccine. First I started to limp for no apparent reason and mommy thought I injured myself running with her. After a few weeks the lim went away only to come back again a short time later and worse. By this time mom and dad knew something was really wrong. Not only was I unable to run anymore, but I started to have trouble walking. I would trip and stumble over my own feet and I couldn't teat well at times. Mommy started to carry me up and down the back steps to go to the bathroom. I saw mommy try to be brave in front of me, but I heard her cry a lot to daddy. Things were really bad.

Mommy and Daddy took me to a very good animal hospital in Redbank. Many special doctors examined me, took a lot of tests and blood tests, telling my mom and dad they "had to rule things out." Nobody had any answers. I heard one very nice lady doctor tell my mommy that my chances were very poor because I was so young. I became sadder and weaker.

Mommy started making phone calls to the people she adopted me from and daddy got on the Internet. Ira, from Canine Corral suggested I call and speak to you. And as a last resort, mommy brought me out to see you in May, praying you would have some answers. I thought it was just one more exam.

You watched me walk and I saw the sad look on your face. You knew I was a very sick puppy. But you started to treat me. In the beginning my progress was slow as you made changes and adjusted your alternative remedies for me. You changed my diet, gave me chiropractic adjustments and spoke with mommy often. She needed a lot of reassurance. We live more than a hundred miles away from you, in Middletown, New Jersey, but mommy and daddy took turns bringing me to see you weekly, then every two weeks, and now monthly.

This summer I started to swim again and as I got better, you told mommy she could build me up to run again too. We now walk from 2 to 4 miles several times a week. Most of the times I pull mommy to walk faster. She's so afraid to let me run.

On September 23rd, I tuned two years old and celebrated my birthday by playing and running around my back yard like the Wheaten Terrier that I am. I love my new diet and raw turkey meat and I'm glad you told mommy to stop cooking my bones. They taste soooo good the natural way. I'm happy and I feel great. Most of all, mommy and daddy don't look so sad anymore.

With their fancy hospital and conventional medicine, the Doctors in Redbank were not able to help me. Thanks to you, I am still around and continue to have fun with my family.

Oscar Weissman



Dr. Miller,

Thank you so much for giving us more time with Aly.

Your gentle caring ways made Alydar's last few months filled with quality and love. We will never forget Alydar and his holistic vet and friend.

You are a "very special doc" - Please thank Don and all your staff for being so nice and caring to Aly.

Hank Binger and Family



My name is Harley and in 1999 I met Dr. Miller. I was 13 years old and suddenly could no longer walk. My family rushed me to an emergency facility that tried conventional methods without success. With no hope in sight, my family went against their advice and carried me out to bring me home. The next day a friend told my family about a vet that might be able to help me. That day I met Dr. Miller. He examined me and asked to keep me for a few days to treat me with alternative therapies. My family hugged me and kissed me good-bye and put their faith in the hands of Dr. Miller and his staff. To my family's surprise (and I think also Dr. Miller's surprise) I was up and walking in 24 hrs. Things were shaky for a while and it took a few months with many ups and downs to get me steady. I still need to come and see Dr. Miller every few weeks for "fine-tuning". Dr. Miller says I have a "strong life force" that keeps me going. With his help I hope to continue to grow old gracefully and to be able to bring joy to my family. Dr. Miller, you're the best!

Harley and the Inzalaco family




OliveDear Dr. Miller,

Thank you so much for helping to make my back feel better. Before I came to you, I had so much trouble just getting out of bed in the morning. I didn't enjoy my walks and spent some days just resting, trying to feel better.

Since you began to treat me, I can now enjoy my life. I'm ready to greet each new day and can hardly wait to go on my walks!

Thank you for making a difference in my life.



Dear Dr. Miller,

I want to thank you for the excellent care you gave my dog Rudi during his dental surgery last Wednesday. As you know, I was hesitant to put him through it, especially as he was so miserable after his last experience with a dental cleaning a t a conventional animal hospital. This time, on Wednesday when I picked him up, he seemed sleepy but not in a lot of pain. After I brought home, he slept most of the afternoon, and by dinnertime he was sniffing around the kitchen, looking for his dinner. I gave him some baby food, as you suggested, and also a little of your pre-mix and some cooked salmon. He ate it all! That night he whimpered a little, but I gave him some hypericum as well as Rescue Remedy, and he slept well all through the night. The next day he was a bit more subdued than usual but ready and eager for his walk and breakfast. Today, just a few days later, he is definitely his old self. I am very grateful for your expertise and good judgment. Keep up the good work!

Nancy Clough


TashaDear Dr. Miller,

Thank you so very much for all you have done for Tasha, our cat. When we first brought Tasha to you early this year, she was suffering diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia and what appeared to be anxiety. Because she was 18 years old, our fear was that she was near death. After her first treatment session with you (homeopathic drops, acupuncture, and prescribed Chinese herbs), her intestinal symptoms diminished markedly. Within the month, she was able to sleep better and no longer appeared restless and anxious, and her intestinal symptoms were only occasional. Tasha recently celebrated her 19th birthday, and I believe we have you to thank for that. Your knowledgeable care, coupled with the genuine concern exhibited by you and everyone on your staff, has truly given Tasha a vastly-improved quality of life. We cannot thank you enough.

Ellen Reynolds

P.S. from Tasha: "Thank-you, Dr. B for giving me a new lease on Life! I'm now back to my old tricks-- like chasing snowflakes on the windowpane.”


Dear Dr. Miller,

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on Cleo. Post-op care was totally unnecessary. First day home she slept for 3 hours, woke up, ate dinner and went for a walk. No change from her usual routine. The next morning she was 100% - She never even licked the incision! The incision by the way is a thing of beauty. You can barely see it after 2-3 weeks. Happy and Healthy New Year to you, Barbara and staff and thank you once again.

Yours Truly,
Geoff & Lee Ann Angels

P.S. We tell everyone what a great surgeon you are. Hope "Tiny Tim" is doing well. We know he's lucky to have been under your care and Barbara's as well.


CappucinoDear Dr. Miller,

Cappucino is our 4 year old Wheaten Terrier. When she was 1 year old, she started developing severe allergies and would bite and scratch herself, sometimes till she bled. We tried everything including having her tested and giving her shots every 10 days. She lived on allergy medication. Not only was this horrible for her to go through, but it killed us to see her in such agony.

About 3 months ago, someone we met told us about Dr. Burt Miller at the Animal Wellness Center. We made an appointment in the hope that something could be found to help Cappucino feel better. Dr. Miller ran certain tests, and changed her diet as well as putting her on some homeopathic remedies. The change has been remarkable. While she is still progressing, her biting at her back and paws has stopped by about 80 percent, and her scratching has been drastically reduced.
We are so happy to see her in less distress and will continue her treatments in the hope that her allergies will be 100 percent under control.

Dr. Miller's knowledge and concern has made a remarkable difference in her life as well as ours. Everyone who works with Dr. Miller is caring and committed to helping animals, and Cappucino especially loves Barbara's cookies.

Our thanks to all of you,
Steve & Lisa Funsch


Dear Dr. Miller,
We are eternally grateful to you for bringing our beautiful little Serphina back to us. Serphina was struck on the back by a metal bar, and being only 11 pounds, she was in excruciating pain. Her conventional vet gave her cortisone in January, then again for her relapse on April, then again for her relapse in June, but the cortisone stopped "working". This poor little 4 year old girl was not moving, not barking, not living. Her conventional vet offered MRI, surgery, possible paralysis and the possibility of putting her to sleep.

I was walking around totally devastated. Thank God I found you in "Long Island Naturally” magazine & on the Internet. Through chiropractic and homeopathic care, Seraphina started to respond within a week and soon after she was back to running, playing, barking and living again without drugs or surgery.

No words could thank you enough for Saving Seraphina's life.

The Eiger Family



Dear Dr. Miller,

Thanks to you, Buddy has that spark back in his eyes. I really think he does enjoy your treatments. With your continuing attentive holistic care, I hope to keep Buddy & Shadow healthy for many years to come.
Helene LeWinter




CoronaThis past May, Corona, my 14-yr. old mixed breed companion, began to experience shortness of breath, wheezing and labored breathing. One flight of stairs would trigger a coughing spell. She lost her appetite, refusing even her favorite treats. She was clearly in great discomfort when I made an appointment to see her vet. I never expected a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. He recommended that we put her on vasodilators for the rest of her life. He said the drugs would eventually burden her kidneys causing a host of other complications. I left the office in tears. I felt that this was the beginning of the end.

I knew that the pharmaceutical drugs would only alleviate her symptoms without treating the root cause of her illness. I hoped to find a healer who would restore her inner balance and well being. This is when I called Dr. Miller. Through homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs and chiropractic treatments, he has supported Corona in achieving a full recovery. Today, five short months from the onset of her symptoms, Corona is in better health than she has ever been! Not only is she breathing with ease, but also her appetite is better than ever and the colitis symptoms that she has had all of her life have also disappeared! She is the playful, energetic dog that I remember from years ago.

I shudder when I imagine what could have been had I not discovered the work that takes place at the Animal Wellness Center. Instead of administering daily medications to my sickly, geriatric heart patient I am enjoying walks in the park with my lively and playful friend. What a miracle it is to be able to share precious quality time with Corona at this stage of her life.

Thank you, Dr. Miller




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