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Achieving a healthy state is not the same as fighting a disease. It is the prevention of disease whenever possible. If your pet already experiences one of these symptoms, we can help you:

  • Dry flaky coat; Recurent body odor
  • Ears that need cleaning more than once a month
  • Dark discharge on nail bed
  • Red or pink line at gum-tooth junction
  • Recurrent skin rash, itch or hot spots
  • Develop diarrhea or vomiting from food changes
  • Recurrent blood in urine
  • Mucus in or on stool
  • Recurrent ear infections
  • Eye discharge
  • Vomiting hair balls
  • Stiff when arising after sleep or rest
  • Tires easily when playing or exercised
  • Recurrent or shifting leg lameness
  • Increase in water consumption
  • Weight loss or obesity
  • Recurrent anal gland impaction ("scooting")
  • Sleeps all the time
  • Exaggerated fears (loud noises, strangers)
  • Sits with one leg out to the side

If you would like to help your pet avoid developing these symptoms then let us teach you our Holistic Approach to Animal Nutrition and Pet Care.



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